Welcome to EdGenie!

Our Mission

To inspire and engage with every student in the world.

Who are we?

Hi, I am the Head Genie, Emre. I am here to explain the wonderful world of EdGenie.

EdGenie is an affordable, online collaborative classroom which offers small group tuition to A level students across the globe in the comfort of their own home.

I believe every single student can be successful if they have access to top educators, affordable guidance and a collaborative learning environment and this is what EdGenie is all about. It has the highest grade of tutors, it is interactive and is wildly affordable if looking at similar offerings.

Our Genies (tutors) are the best educators in United Kingdom with an A*/A success rate of 92%.

EdGenie Venndiagram


Three reasons why EdGenie exists:


The current learning environment is not suitable for students coming up to the age of 18.

Other solutions are either inconvenient, without human interaction and/or automated.

The best tutors are inaccessible for the majority of families as they are too expensive (Our tutors usually charge upwards of £120 per hour for private lessons)

So, how can EdGenie help you?

EdGenie provides weekly live classes, 1 hour in length, taking students through the necessary components of the syllabus until your exam. Our Genies (tutors) are truly the best and know exactly how to obtain the top grades.

You will be assessed frequently along with your fellow classmates in lesson aswell as for homework ensuring you are keeping up with the requirements of the syllabus.

There will be a number of classes available throughout the week so don’t worry if you can’t make one of them. In addition to this, the classes will be recorded and saved in your account for you to review at a time of your convenience.

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