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Writing a 25 marks essay question in an Edexcel or AQA Economics exam is all about the structure. 25 Markers are usually on the following examinable topics so make sure you understand these topic areas:


  • Market Structures (Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopolies)
  • Market Failure (Inequality/Poverty, Externalities, Government Intervention, Government Failure)
  • Labour Markets
  • Behavioural Economics


  • Measures of Economic Performance (Economics growth, Inflation, Unemployment, Balance of payments)
  • Globalisation
  • Trading Blocs
  • Inequality/Poverty
  • Development (Factors Influencing growth, Strategies for growth)
  • Financial Sector

Before you start


Make sure you read the question thoroughly and you answer the question.

For example, this question below was a 25 mark question in Paper 2 Edexcel Economics 2018.

The British pound fell by over 10% to a 30-year low against the US dollar after the UK voted to leave the European Union. To what extent will this depreciation impact on future economic growth in the UK?

This question is specifically asking about the impact of the depreciation of the pound on the future economic growth so for analysis a candidate will need to suggest 3 impacts positive or negative on the differing aspects of the UK economy and what this will mean in the future. Then to evaluate a student will need to challenge and/or assess the significance or the reality of these impacts on the UK economy.

(We will go through Analysis and Evaluation techniques later in the article)

Once you review the question and understand fully what it requires you are good to brainstorm your ideas. Obviously in an exam you don’t have much time so you need to think quickly!

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